Padangustha Dhanurasana. (Advance B) 

Engineer drawing by Boonchu Tanti

Ashtanga illustrations is now on Tee.!! 

Akarna Dhanurasana A (Advance B)

Karna means the ear. The prefix ‘A’ express the sense of near to, towards. Dhanu means a bow. 
The lifting foot is pulled up till the heel touches the ear as an archer pulls the bow-string. This asana practice is full of grace and makes the legs muscle very flexible and helps to move the bowels. 

Typical morning in mysore for ashtangi. 



Kapotasana adjustment. (15 vinyasa) Nasagrai dristi

Young guruji( Sri Krishna Patthabi Jois) in kapotasana. Adjusting by his guru, Krisnamacharya.

"Here doing…me. Krishnamacharya, my guru" Guruji mentioned in this historic image.

Raja Kapotasana (राज कपोतासन, Rāja Kapotāsana) = King Pidgeon Posture

Inspired by Advanced A Ashtanga led class by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois(guruji) October 1987
Filmed at Tim miller’s school in Encinitas, CA.

Gomukhasana (22 vinyasa) Nasagrai & Urdhva Dristis

Inspiration from 1993 Yoga Works Productions video of the Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois


Chuck Miller

Eddie Stern

Maty Ezraty

Tim Miller

Richard Freeman

Karen Haberman

Natrajasana A. Nata = dance or dancer, Raja = king. This pose is dedicated to Shiva, the king of the dancers.

Natrajasana A. 

Nata = dance or dancer, Raja = king. 
This pose is dedicated to Shiva, the king of the dancers.

I can see beauty where others see ugliness.

That either makes me an artist, or a person have very poor taste.

Just a small part of my cool piece for everyone eyeballs. 

Inspired by Sharath’s US workshop poster in Apr’11