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If Neo have ever practiced Yoga instead of kungfu!!!  :D

Nakrasana crocodile pose (9 vinyasa - Nasagrai dristi)

I always love to read the old practitioner tell their yoga story.  Here is one good read of David Swenson.  :)

Ashtanga Yoga is more than a person, is more than a city.

Ashtanga Yoga lives, when people are practicing it, instead of speaking about it. And it seems to me that the teacher has one main objective, one basic role is to inspire his students, to inspire them to practice.

It is not necessary to influence people’s lives, it is important to show them how to use the certain tool and how it is possible to change their life by means of this tool. ~ David Sweson

Krishnamacharya Simhasana.

Inspired by my favorite clip in youtube ‘Krishnamacharya in 1938 with yoga Sutras’

I sketched this in my sketchbook last year.  I just have some times to illustrated it.  I will soon make it on Tee. :)